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Specializing in Low Voltage, High Frequency, Electronic Ballast for UV lamps

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12VDC battery powered Fluorescent, UVA, UVB & UVC Lamp Ballasts 4W to 18W with high efficiency.

Made entirely in Lincoln UK. No Imports


New Product ballast

Range 4W through to 18W designed specifically for actinic lamps as used in portable, field moth traps, incorporating filament pre-heat for low temperature starting. Will of course power any fluorescent lamp in the same power range.

The ballast has an integral Dusk-till-Dawn switch D2D enabling accurate switching at sundown and sunrise to conserve battery power, no relay used. Available as open PCB for personalised construction or can be supplied in a simple proprietary IP56 rated sealed enclosure complete with photocell and cable glands. Internally fused with a self re-setting fuse, which safely recovers from a reverse polarity power connection.

Made entirely in the UK not imported


Range of Application for LVF HF Electronic 12V Fluorescent Ballasts

Emergency lighting







Ultra Violet lamps for air or water sterilisation, fluorescent mineral illumination and lepidoptery, enquire for operation below zero degC. Build your own moth trap. Dusk-till-Dawn ballast

Solar and wind energy utilisation

All Lamp formats from 4W through to 18W including CFL, Circular, Linear and 2D-lamps

Ideal as replacement for any failed ballast in nearly all 12VDC lighting fixtures. Check dimensions.



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Dusk-till-Dawn Ballast

See details of ballasts

High frequency electronic 12V DC ballasts now have following features

Increased lamp life

Programmed pre-heat to ensure correct starting

Ultra safe lamp-failure or lamp not-connected protection

Optional over voltage protection

Supply voltage from 9V to 15V DC

Pre-heat can ensure lamps start down to -10degC

Reverse polarity protection

Optional conformal coating for high humidity applications


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Small ballast for 4W, 6W and 8W Actinic UVB lamps with special features, supplied as open PCB no enclosure.



MED Electronics is also a supplier of Lilco Ltd Wideband Current Transformers

Wideband Current Transformers made & supplied by Lilco Ltd, Orkney Scotland

Comprehensive Broadband CTs information

Standard Ring Type CTs information

Custom made precision CTs



Watch this!

An excellent promotional video of UVC water sterilisation from Wananchi Ltd. Select Full Screen for best effect.

Ballasts are suitable for all lamp formats, standard fluorescent, UVA, UVB and UVC germicidal lamps for water and air purification.

Additional secondary control options are Dusk-till-Dawn switch and a delay function after lamp start to a power switch for peripheral equipment such as a portable field moth trap. Enquire

Custom designs on demand to suit your needs. Ballasts can be supplied bare PCB only, no enclosure.





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